Thoroughly examine your colocation hosting investment for a sustainable future

Colocation Hosting

Going for colocation hosting is a good idea if you want to deal in multiple websites and want a convenient operational expenditure for your facility. Building your web hosting facility takes time, a lot of attention, extra staff, and all that means only one thing, immensely huge expenditures.

But can I trust colocation hosting?

Just because you do not own the server you are working on does not mean you do not own your website. If you go for virtual private hosting or dedicated hosting, the space that you have taken on rent will remain dedicated to you. There is no sharing to be done. You get to decide what security measures to take and you get to decide how much bandwidth, RAM, CPU, and storage you need.

Decide wisely

You will get everything you need, including power and cooling facilities with a colocation hosting centre at your service. But you need to decide what you need in order to ask for it. If you go unprepared, you will waste a day without a decision.

When you see the plans, offers, features, and options for customisation that are on the table, you need to be able to make a choice. For that, you need to know what kind of traffic you are expecting in the next few months, at least up to a year. You also need to know what kind of security you need in order to make sure all the data is well encrypted yet easily accessible to the right people.

The features offered in any web hosting plan will give you a place to start. Get the brochures from various hosting service companies. Consider each feature one by one and determine how much is enough for the coming year.

Sit with your management team, marketing team, branding team, and your web designer to determine the ideal configuration. Now you have a specific need to convey to any web hosting service you set up a meeting with.

Compare prices

Going for the cheapest deal you get is a very bad idea. You need to go by the features in your checklist first. But after that is done, you can make your decision based on price.

You might find that one company is offering a lower rate for a dedicated server price in India than another, for the same features. The choice is apparently obvious. But you need to thoroughly check for hidden costs. Ask about every cost and check the terms and conditions.

Discuss it

If you think you could use a second pair of eyes, ask a mentor to check out the plans for you. If you have partners in your business, make sure everybody fully understands the meaning of the plans and has an active voice in the decision. Do not leave your own opinion behind and do not let it be the only voice.

Sometimes even the brightest mind misses out a little detail that could change everything. This is why you need to take your time discussing every detail with your team. Different people will come out with different loopholes in the claims. If a company seems fishy, bunk it. Go for one that you all can totally trust.

Take a trial

Dedicated server price in India is much higher than VPS server prices. You need to take a trial run to make sure that your investment will not go down the drain. Stick to your virtual server as long as possible because it is so cost-effective. But do not outstay your welcome. If your website is beginning to get too busy for your VPS configurations to handle, it is time to switch. Start with a one-month trial scheme.

Focus on core business

You might want to do everything yourself to feel safer and more self-reliant. But that is a bad idea for your business. If you must have a personal team for every vertical, including channels of the web hosting area, you will only be depleting your resources to no avail.

A colocation hosting service will take care of the server but you will still be the boss of the part you are concerned with. Even if you are ready with the capital expenditure to build your own data centre, the time and effort you need to put into it will not leave room for the core business.

Security benefits

With your own server you will be busy updating security standards to pass the sudden security audits. With a third-party server, that is not your headache anymore. You can still have your personal security team looking over the workings of the server. But as far as real- time security is concerned, it is not your responsibility.


You will get flexible IT ambience adjustments to suit the needs of your business if you are on a flexible plan that you are not stuck with. Colocation hosting is your ultimate solution to data centre hosting.

IT concerns

When you are looking for different schemes for web hosting, be it virtual hosting or dedicated server price in India, and special features, you need to keep the IT requirements in mind as well.

You might need to replicate your data or archive it. You might need additional space for that. Your business has to be scalable for future growth. You need to look into the future of the IT field because every good plan you get will be for a minimum of 3 years. If you are going for a wholesale contract, you might have to look into the future goals for the next 10 years.

Power density

The point of going for a colocation hosting plan is to make sure there are no power fluctuation or unavailability issues. You can sign a contract for two decades for a low price but if you haven’t estimated the power newer technologies will need in the future, your entire site can come crashing down.

To make sure you do not face any such issues in the future, you need to research well and invest enough money so that the colocation hosting company can cover issues like supplemental cooling or larger footprint.

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