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When you own a website, even if you have an entire team of web developers and marketing managers, you need to have some idea about web hosting. You need to supervise your teams to make sure you are always up to date with the statistics of your website.

With shared hosting, there is some security threat, a lot of monitoring to do, and limited storage for all your data. But this is what you should start with, while you take your time understanding web hosting service. You can switch to any other mode of web hosting from here on.

Take a web hosting service

Paying a little money helps you secure the ownership to your data and prevent malware from affecting your website. A good web hosting service will take care of granular control, visibility, compliance requests, and all workload resources. With dedicated hosing, you will get a lot of freedom with the server. It will be all yours. But the cost will be high. Also, you need to take care of the security too. Though a dedicated hosting service comes with the best security facilities, you will need a reliable team to handle it.

Ease of shared hosting

Shared hosting is for everybody. You don’t even need to know much about the technicalities. Everything is readymade. You just need to choose from the custom options. Surprisingly, many people who pay a few dollars for their web host, don’t even know what exactly goes behind all this. All they know is they are paying for a platform to share their blogs for the whole internet to access. In fact, that is all you need to know.

Switch to VPS

With VPS servers, you get many of the advantages of dedicated server. But if you are looking for cheap VPS hosting, you need to be very careful about what you hire. Take every claim from VPS server hosts, with a grain of salt. VPS hosting is the best thing for most, but you need to get a good package for yourself. Often what you are promised is not what you are given. Beware of terms like “unlimited bandwidth” and “infinite storage”. What they offer you might be enough, but you should go for a hosting service that calls a spade a spade. You need to hire a name that has integrity.

Choose according to your needs

With both, VPS and dedicated servers, you get to setup the core configuration. You get to choose your OS, and the RAM and other specifications. With a shared hosting, the specifics are mostly predetermined. But you will be surprised to know that shared hosting is still the commonest form of web hosting. It is cheap and suffices the needs of most website owners. Only if you want to go full corporate, you need to think of anything more.

With VPS systems, you need professional teams to manage everything. You can take managed servers too, where you do not need a team of your own. But if you want to avail all the freedom that comes out of paying for VPS or dedicated servers, it is good to take matters into your hands. With some good VPS hosting in India, website owners can scale up and down the specifications according to their needs. You can choose flexible schemes, or permanent ones depending on how sure you are about your short term or long term requirements.


With VPS, you get ample outbound bandwidth and unmetered inbound. You also get a separate unmetered private bandwidth for managing your networks. You need to find out the specifications that are right for your scalability expectations. There is no definite answer for the right specifications for you. One thing you can be sure of is, you must always keep looking for various web hosting servers to compare and get the best deal for yourself at the best price.

Support systems

A decent virtual private server will stay connected with you through various communication modes. You get 24*7 support via social network or email. Not every hosting service offers support over phone.


Shared hosting is the cheapest. It is an upgrade from free hosting which is no good if you want anything permanent in your name. virtual private server hosting offers a range of options with a range of price packs. Dedicated servers are the costliest but the facilities you get are all worth it. Once you start using dedicated servers you will never look back at VPS.

Control panels

Control panel options are best with dedicated hosting. With some added costs, you get control panel bundles with VPS too. In that case you don’t get cheap VPS hosting. You need to compare prices before you make a commitment.

Don’t be afraid

Take your time to familiarize with the concept. Then check out different plans from different VPS hosting in India that are available. Once you have the plans in front of you, things will seem less vague. Web hosting isn’t rocket science. All you need is a little patience and faith in yourself to learn all about it. Start with shared servers. If you are to go commercial soon, start off with VPS, for which you need some capital to invest. Dedicated server is for later.

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