A Step-by-step guide in hosting your website

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Starting a web based business platform is challenging. It is quite different from the norms of conventional business ideas. A web based business requires you to stay updated about current events in technology. It requires you to be creative, know about customer psychology, branding, and product pitching.

Find a good domain

The internet is a platform for your web content and every platform needs a podium. Domain is a podium that provides your website the boost it needs. Having a domain is necessary to present your website and reach the desired customers.

If you’re a small business, you’ll be looking for a cheap domain registration. There are few things you should keep in mind in order to make sure you are choosing the perfect domain service as per your requirements.

Firstly, you should be aware about the kind of business you are promoting. This will help you choose the kind of audience you want to reach, the kind of design your website needs, the services and technicalities that must be in your website. For example, if you’re starting a blog, you’ll be looking for WordPress hosting companies that will manage your articles and data. If you’re an e-commerce business, you’ll need domain services that will handle your data, security, transactions, and assistance. So, you should choose your domain according to the kind of business you have.

You should look for the kind of services you need for your website. How much data are they providing? What is the data limit? What kind of bandwidth are they providing? How’s the security and assistance services? These are the things you should look for in a domain service provider.

Branding is important

Small businesses should choose cheap hosting services as there isn’t much traffic initially. When you are promoting your business, your main focus is branding, and reaching out to the target audience. Creating a buzz around your website and making a good impression for it requires promotion and advertisements. High bandwidth and data isn’t your pivotal concern. However, for promoting your website, digital marketing tools comes in handy. If your service provider is providing you with all the necessary tools, it is a big upgrade. You should choose value while buying domains.

Test your domain

Choosing the domains are tough because almost all the domain services are providing the same kind of services with very little price fluctuation. This is the part where you need to be vigilant. Look for hosting services that are providing trial period offers. Test the domain in every background, from data storage, bandwidth, digital marketing tools to the customer assistance. After that, look for the reviews from different users who have opted for this service.

Look for the hosting services that provides email hosting as well. Your company needs separate email services to communicate with your customers and gather information from them. Therefore, bulk emailing service is a great add-on.

Choose scalability

Look for the hosting providers that allow you to make an upgrade. As your website grows, incoming traffic in your website will grow as well. That means more people will be visiting your website, which will require your website to opt for higher bandwidth. As customers buy your products or services, you’ll need to store the information and transactional data, and also manage them. That will require an upgrade to your data storage options. This eventually will lead you to opt for better hosting options like VPS (virtual private servers). VPS provides better functionality and service than shared servers. It can collect a lot of data and not intervene with the bandwidth.

VPS is the best option

VPS server hosting provides flexible servers, full root access, pre-installed c-Panels and integrated DDoS protection. With VPS you’ll experience better control, accessibility, and security for your website. VPS hosting services are also amazing when it comes to social media marketing because of its flexibility. When it comes to social media marketing, your website should be very interactive and attractive. That will require you to do a lot of design upgrades. And with VPS, you can have better customization without decreasing the bandwidth and the load time of your website.

When you’ve reached the pinnacle

Now, imagine your website getting bigger than you expected. You have more customers and viewers pouring in every day, more transactions and interactions than you were ready for. Don’t fret, because there is a solution to that as well. Dedicated hosting service is the answer. Dedicated servers are individual servers that are only for the use of your company. This means more security, customization, accessibility, and complete control.

Individual dedicated servers can handle gargantuan amount of data without interfering with the bandwidth and processing fee. It has quick response to load time. The security and privacy handling of these servers will keep your mind off the pressure. If you’re an e-commerce business, there will be lot of transactions. In order to keep those transactional data reliable for you as well as your customers, your system requires dead lock security and high storage.

When it comes to customization and control, dedicated servers are tailor made for it. They provide full root access to the users, allowing you to make any kind of customization you need. From arranging your digital marketing tools, to social media buttons, every single detail will be highlighted and controlled by you.

Dedicated servers also provide analytical tools. You can keep track of the incoming traffic, the number of clicks, the time when most customer engaging is happening. These analytical tools help you make a better picture of how and when you should reach out to your customers. So forget about your days of cheap domain registration when you have reached this point, and take your business forward.

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