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Cheap email hosting services

While looking for email hosting and reseller hosting options, we need to sure about which term means what. Web hosting terms are often casually misused and this can be a real problem when you are looking for a particular service. If you are looking for cheap email hosting, you might start getting tips on domain hosting. This is why you need to clearly differentiate the terms to express what exactly you want.

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is about the server that holds the content that is sent to your domain email address. It is not the same as web hosting which hosts the server for the web pages on your domain. So, when you type the name of your domain followed by .com, you are fetching information from the web host. The data you get on your email ID, you are looking at data that the email hosting server has been holding.

Most web hosting services offer email hosting for free or at ludicrous packages. Both the terms are different from domain hosting, which is about holding the registered domain name you bought for your website. But usually, web hosts and domain hosts go together.

Email hosting options

You can actually host your email on the same server that is hosting your website. You can also have a separate server for your email or you can go for a different host on the same server. It all depends on which option is giving you the best package and the maximum storage and speed.

Why free hosting is not worth it

It is only natural to look for something cheap when it comes to a relatively smaller feature compared to the entire web hosting. But any reputed web hosting server company will recommend you to prioritise the quality of service over the cost. Free web hosting and free email hosting are both troublesome because the service lags, the speed drops, the storage isn’t enough, and the entire performance of your website is compromised just because you acted miserly.

Free hosting does not come with a safety guarantee or customer support. You will have to deal with a lot of advertisements on your pages and the security of your client email details might get compromised. All these issues will incur heavy damages to your website and overall reputation. It is not worth the few bucks you saved.

It is okay to ask for a few free favours like some extra storage or a subdomain that you won’t use for anything important. But when it comes to business, take it more seriously than freebies. Very few web hosting companies offer quality free servers. If you have found one of them, well and good. But it does not make sense to risk your business trying to find out.

What are my options?

Though free hosting is highly compromising, cheap email hosting and cheap web hosting isn’t that bad an idea for beginners. You need to stick to the reputed web hosting companies and browse through all their plans to find a good deal for yourself. Go for free email hosting from web hosting companies that offer 99.9% uptime rate.

If your business stands at a very competitive stage, you need to go for better web hosting. Email is the most popular means of marketing and customer relationship maintenance, yes, even more than social media. This is why a growing company needs to have a dedicated email hosting server. You can go for the same server as that of your web host. But you must ensure there are unlimited email features.

Providing email hosting

If you are from a web hosting company, or a reseller, you need to give out some email hosting service for free or at a very cheap rate to get hold of buyers. Every server offers integrated email hosting services. You need to keep the prices competitive and the performance perfect.

Reselling rules

If you are new in the reselling venture, make sure your reseller hosting cPanel is functional from your end so that you can offer a range of customisations to your clients. It is simple to start a web hosting service through reseller hosting. The trick is to go for an optimum number of clients. Too few will not help you generate the goal revenue and too many will compromise the quality of service for each sub owner.

Other benefits of reseller hosting

You can turn your reseller platform into a shared hosting environment by selling out different parts of the server to unique clients. But you can also keep all of them for yourself. You might not actually end up reselling but only making your server behave like a reseller hosting platform. You get to create as many domains and websites you want under the same server, with different names, and different plans.

If you do go for reselling, you are not only generating revenue from the users but also, creating a brand impact for yourself, without any investment as such.

You might be a web designer or web developer who just needs to work with many websites and domain names. If you have one server to yourself, you can break it up in as many parts you want.

Take control

Whether you rent out parts of your server or keep all the fragments for yourself, you are responsible for the options and security available on the entire server. This is why you need to make sure that you know how to navigate through every part of your reseller hosting cPanel.

If you are not very sure of the technical aspects you need to handle or do not have time for that, you can opt for managed hosting. Have a professional team take care of everything throughout the day, every day. But do not forget to stay in control of the server and be present during every decision making the session. After all, your server is your responsibility.

In a nutshell, you can always make your server the most popular one with features like cheap email hosting plans and 24*7 technical support teams.


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