Perform Domain Registration Check to Confirm Your Domain

Domain Registration

A domain is a naming system of web addresses that allows the users to easily navigate through web servers and web pages. Perform a domain registration check to see if your domain is available or if it has successfully been registered. Every website is assigned with an easy to remember character string or word against its IP address as the site name. This way, instead of typing in an IP address, the user can find the web page easily.

Why are domain names important?

A domain name is the foundation of your website. This is the way potential visitors discover your website on the Internet and navigate through it. More importantly, the domain name is the first impression of your website and its contents. Thus registering a suitable domain name is important to reach out to the users.

How to register for a domain?

A great domain name should definitely be concise, easy to type and memorize. Also, it must reflect your brand and give an idea of your website’s content at a first glance. Avoid using complex words, strings of numbers and/or special characters in your domain name to make your website easily accessible.

Remember: A great domain name is one that your visitors can type correctly on their first try.

Don’t forget to perform a domain registration check.

How can I buy a domain name?

Buying a domain name is easy. There are multiple vendors online for this purpose. Go to any of these vendor websites and search by typing in the exact domain you want. You can also simply type in the keywords and the vendor will show all available domain names as per your criteria. When you find the one you like, add it to your cart and check out. Basically, shopping for a domain name is as simple as any form of online shopping.

How to check for domain name availability?

Simply type in the URL you want in your domain vendor’s search bar and they will tell you if the same is available. Also, you can use the embedded lookup system for this purpose. While you are at it, do not forget to start looking for a hosting platform that offers cheap email hosting India.

What are New Domains?

New domains are basically domain extensions that go beyond the traditional domain endings. Now you can choose from a vast array of these new domains to further add context to your website. You can also reflect your passions using these new domains. Furthermore, you can customize and create your own domain name as per your likings and use them to make your website stand out.

How is domain name used?

You can use your domain name in more than one ways. You can direct visitors to your website’s home page, or use complementary domains to send them to specific areas of your website.  You may also forward a custom domain to an existing social media account, thus increasing the visibility of your website in social circles. With a domain name of your own, you can also create custom e-mail addresses to conduct business or communicate with your followers.

Where to find SSL and email hosting?

Nowadays, domain vendors offer everything from flexible hosting plans to SSL certificates. Also, most vendors have several options for custom e-mail. It is very simple to register for these services. Just choose the plan you like and get your website going! Cheap email hosting India is available because many web hosts offer free unlimited email hosting.

How to find cheap web hosting?

First of all, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of service just to get it cheap. Bad server for less money is money wasted. It is better to spend more than wasting a lesser amount. After you’ve done your domain registration check, look out for software updates.

That says, you can go for a Linux hosting instead of Windows. Linux is an open source platform and very compatible with most website requirements. It also comes with its own set of security bundles that you can choose from. Web designers prefer working with Linux.

Secondly, the type of hosting is crucial. Shared hosting is cheap but it might not be enough for you if you are using it for an e-commerce website. Shared hosting is only good for blogging and networking. If you have crucial data to secure on the site, if you expect a lot of traffic, go for VPS hosting. It will cost almost twice as much shared hosting, but 10 times lesser than dedicated hosting and will still give you the same benefits. So VPS gives maximum value for money.

How to search for the domain name?

You need to start searching for a good domain name from the moment you start thinking of opening a new website. If you are lucky, you will get one of the domain names that were on your first list of preference. But chances are, none of the straightforward names will be available. You will have to go for a complex name or create a name that is a mix of two words. Whatever you do, do not delay in registering your domain name. In this world of increasing startups, you can lose an available domain in an hour.

Another option is to buy someone else’s domain. If you see a somewhat redundant website with a domain name that is totally relevant to your website ideas, approach the owner and try to make a deal.

Whichever way you go, start early. A domain name isn’t something you just settle for. This will be the first impression, the identity of your brand in the future. So go for one that you really like. Go for one that makes sense without having to explain. Go for one that is easily remembered.

What type to web hosting to choose?

If you want a personal blog, go for shared hosting. If you want to open a business, start straightaway with VPS, maybe managed to host if you do not want to spend time on the technical handling. If you are already a big shot just making it bigger, a dedicated server is a way to go.

It all depends on where your website stands at present and where you want to see it in the next five years. When your domain registration check is done, do not waste time. Kick start your website immediately.

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