Invest in your VPS hosting package and save on the Website builder

Website Builder

If you want to launch a website for your business you obviously are well aware of the importance of having an online presence in the market. However, all the complex processes and steps which entail launching a website might be flustering. You must think about hosting. VPS hosting is the commonest form of hosting that entrepreneurs use.

You can start with it and skip shared hosting totally. You need the best for your website. Of course, it all begins with the website. You might do well with the cheapest website builder in India, as long as your website has all the features you need. But do not go lousy on the hosting. Invest in good hosting. Also, spend smartly. Take a look at all the options available.

If you have enough capital to be able to afford a web developer then a lot of your problems can get sorted easily. However, for start-ups the capital is often limited and therefore, a lot has to be accomplished without a lot help. This is where website builders come in.

What are website builders?

Ideally building a website requires coding and in-depth knowledge of coding languages; which makes it next to impossible for laymen to launch a website on their own. Website builders render the process of coding in the creation of a website redundant. They themselves act as the tools or programs which help you through the process of the creation of website. In fact, they make the process of website building as easy as simply uploading pictures or videos on social media. You can go for the cheapest website builder in India or go for an organic website designer and stick with the expert for web development.

Are there different types of website builders?

Now that you know what exactly website builders are you must be curious about the different types of website builders available. There are two types of website builders commonly available- online and offline. Hosting on the other hand has too many variations. VPS hosting, shared, dedicated, cloud. Then there is managed and unmanaged hosting and a whole range of customization and configuration options.

Offline website builders are available in the form of software can be downloaded and then installed in your computer. You can create your website with the help of the website builder and then save the files in your computer. Once you are done with the website all you have to do is simply upload the files to your preferred web host. Since these website builders run on the computer in the form of a software program, you do not have to stay online while you create your website. However, the files have to be uploaded eventually which will require some skill and expertise. Also, to upload the files you will have to first invest in a web hosting package.

Online website builders are exactly what the name says- website builders which are available online. Even the cheapest website builder in India can suffice. Which means you can do away with the hassle of downloading software and then installing them. These website builders are easily accessible from any device as long as there is an internet connection and a web browser.

The good thing about online website builders is that their services are inclusive of web hosting packages. Do not take hosting from anything lesser than a reputed VPS hosting company though. Also, you won’t have to separately upload the files of your website to the web host which means you can make use of online website builders even if you are a layman with little to no technical knowledge or expertise.

What is the purpose of web hosts?

Simply building a website isn’t enough, it has to be launched online; and this can’t be accomplished without a web host. Web hosts provide you with a space in the server where the files pertaining to your website can be uploaded and then stored. These files actually make up the website and whenever a customer tries to access your website, they will be accessing the files stored in the server space.

The web hosts maintain and manage the server in which your website is stored. They ensure that your website remains online, and take care of the software updates and configurations without which your website will be unable to function. Web hosts are necessary whether you are employing web developers or taking the aid of website builders. Often web hosting services are provided along with online website builders.

However, the hosting packages and services they  are providing might not  be adequate for your website and it requirements. There are three types of web hosts you can choose from. But to do so you must be first very clear about the requirements of your website and your expectations from you business.

Shared hosting is good for start-ups. In shared hosting you share the server space with other websites which brings down the cost. However, sharing also reduces the performance and quality of the resources available.

Dedicated hosting is good for booming businesses with high traffic and transaction. In this case a whole server and its resources will be dedicated to your website, which means the prices will soar too.

VPS hosting is the intermediate type of hosting which combines the best of both extremities. You get the bargain pricing of shared hosting with the high bandwidth, premium processor, huge storage and memory of dedicated hosting.

Things to keep in mind

However attractive or amazing your website might be it is useless if the server is unable to host all the files, if the website takes forever to load due to slow speed or if the processor and memory tampered with the functionality of your website. Remember, you can get the cheapest website builder in India but do not go for a cheap VPS hosting company. Save on the package.

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