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Cloud computing is the future of IT all over the world. This is why web hosting is warming out to the idea of cloud hosting at various data centre hosting companies. This technological uprising is not limited to the West. Indian companies are putting a lot of focus into cloud based servers for web-hosting.

Aid for beginners

With widespread internet right at your doorstep, it is only natural to want to go for cloud hosting. The only reason some people avoid cloud hosting is that they are not yet familiar with the concept. But with a reputed company for cloud hosting India can progress without hesitation.

Customer friendly tech support

A good company has 24*7 customer support to clarify all your doubts. Do not hesitate to ask everything you need to know. Even if you think your questions are lame, ask them anyway. This is how you find out whether the customer support is indeed as user-friendly as the company claims.

Pro tip: Ask some questions even if you know the answers. This way you will know whether they are giving you the entire information or holding back either out of laziness or to keep you in the dark.

Thorough claims check

Many data centre hosting companies make big claims to attract customers but do not eventually live up to them. Those who leap before they look, are stuck with services they didn’t ask for.

The bad part is sometimes you cannot even take legal action because these companies know how to bend their way around the terms and conditions part. It is your job to take your time and read the entire terms and conditions page, or pages if necessary.

You also need to ask them specifically about every claim they make. Look for words like ‘unlimited’ or ‘unmetered’ and ‘free’. These are the claims you need to take with a grain of salt.

Trial runs

The good thing about cloud hosting India or anywhere in the world is that you do not have to set up an entire hardware system of servers for a web hosting plan. You can simply transfer your accounts from one server to another if things don’t work out. So, there should be no reason why you cannot get a cheap trial run.

Check out a plan for a month and see if it works for you. Check the RAM, bandwidth, overall speed, and storage functions. If the entire performance of your website/s is satisfactory, sign up the final deal.

Effects on cost

Storage and hardware issues vanish with the mention of cloud hosting. You only take care of the devices you own. The servers are not your concern. Everything is happening in the cloud, over the internet. You can even do without a dedicated technical support team because you are not likely to need one.

Small and big businesses are going for cloud hosting India because the money that cloud hosting saves on hosting can now be used for core business purposes.

Convenient deal

The price is not the only good thing about cloud hosting. The popularity of cloud hosting is rising among high-end businesses as well. Why would companies that do not even mind paying more for a dedicated server still prefer cloud hosting? There is more to it than the affordable plans.

Cloud computing makes things simpler by making everything go virtual. You can access confidential data from any device, sitting anywhere in the world and yet, you will not need extra security precautions because the data centre hosting companies are responsible for the overall security of the servers at any given point.


With virtual specs for your server, you can update them whenever you need to. The RAM and bandwidth can be increased according to the incoming traffic statistics. If one server begins to get overloaded the other servers will share the load and balance it out before the website can display any performance lag.

Automatic updates

Every important service and internal application is updated automatically to keep the system running smoothly. You do not have to schedule updates or keep a watch on which app or function is outdated.

Who is it for?

The most important question all data centre hosting companies will ask you is about the purpose of the server you want to hire. Your website needs to fit the profile that requires cloud hosting.

If you want to start a personal blog, there is no need to go to a cloud hosting service. Your own Google Drive account is enough to store everything you need to. But if you are involved with IT systems, large-scale data analysis, or e-commerce websites that need tight security, cloud hosting is for you. Cloud hosting is basically for business on a large scale.

Do not settle

You obviously need to come to a decision about which cloud hosting India service plan to go for but not before you have checked out all your options. You need to browse all the plans from different web hosting providers and compare to find the best deal.

The best deal is the best service at the best price. Do not go solely by the price because that will be the recipe to bad serving issues. Compare the prices of the good service packages with tried and tested performance. Choose the cheapest out of these plans that have already qualified.

Another important thing is the customer support in terms of behaviour. All reputed data centre hosting companies have patient and respectful agents to help customers. If you think you are getting a relatively good package from a company that does not seem very helpful otherwise, it is better to go for a costlier package at another company.

When you are out to get the best possible cloud server for your website or chain of websites, keep these tips in mind. Consider every factor and do not settle until you are totally satisfied with a company.

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