Get your own Windows VPS hosting for a long-term ecommerce site

VPS Hosting

Choose Windows VPS hosting service for a successful business that still has a long way to go. Get a WHM cPanel hosting feature to sort all your customizing issues. Let us find out everything about hosting to begin with.

Telling Shared hosting from VPS

The meaning of each term lies in its name only. Shared hosting implies that the server that is being used by you is shared by other websites as well. Sharing the server will invariably mean sharing the resources that are provided by the host with other users. On the plus side you will never get to be aware of the websites you are sharing the server with, and nor will they ever be aware of the presence of your website.

  • Limited as it might be, share hosting tends to be an extremely cost-efficient and cheap hosting option.
  • As it was mentioned before sharing server implies sharing resources, which means you will have to share disk space and bandwidth with other users. It can be quite cumbersome if your business involves a lot of data. In case you just want to start a blog and you need a little bit of presence in the social media shared hosting is perfect for you.
  • The greatest limitation of shared hosting would be the lack of customization possibilities and accessibility. Running a business might require certain plug-ins or marketing tools which do not work on a shared platform.
  • Running a business requires a website that will suit its purpose. However, simple options of personalization such as theme tend to be very limited in case of shared hosting.

More about VPS

What Virtual Private Server does is that it allots a compartment of a powerful physical server to your website. A software is then installed in your allotted compartment, which then hosts your website.

  • VPS is better than shared hosting as it allots a section of a very powerful server to your website, and you don’t have to share it with any other user.
  • Compared to shared hosting VPS provides you with a wide array of customization options. It allows you to have a cPanel of your own from where you can customize the outlook and appearance of your website, including the themes and the buttons you want.
  • It gives you a comparatively freer reign over your website, especially if you have designers and programmers at your disposal, such as integrating an external UI design.
  • Storage is an important aspect when it comes to web hosting. VPS allows you a higher storage, 24/7 customer assistance, faster page load time and DDoS security system.
  • Windows VPS hosting plan will provide you with a more than adequate storage space.

VPS tends to be more expensive than shared hosting, but the benefits it offers are worth the investment.

Advantages of VPS over dedicated server

Since we are on the topic of cost and expenses it is important to know why and how VPS hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting. With VPS you only use a portion of a server, in dedicated hosting, an entire server is dedicated to your business. In case of the former, you only pay for the compartment that you are using while in case of the latter you are paying for the whole server.

The VPS vs. dedicated hosting debate can be quite difficult to conclude since the top level VPS hosting can easily compete with many of the dedicated hosting service providers.

It is, however, important to know that dedicated hosting allows you to utilize a whole server since an entire server is dedicated to only your website. It implies a number of things—the power of the whole server is at your disposal, since the server is dedicated to only your website you have complete control over it, having complete control means you get to reboot is whenever you are required to or install a third party software which might be good for your website as long as it is supported by the hardware, and most importantly, you can customize your website any way you want since it is under your control.

Windows VPS hosting servers do not provide full control to the customers when it comes to their virtual models. Dedicated servers are better in this respect as they offer greater storage, higher bandwidth, better security system and security options, and most importantly complete control.

Ease of usage is greater in case of dedicated servers, as handling them is akin to handling computers.

Get your website thoroughly designed or quickly built

Building a website means building the basic functionality of the website while designing the website implies building its visual aspects and outlook to heighten its appeal to the users and to configure the ease with which it can be used. Use WHM cPanel hosting for all your configurations and future customizing.

Web designing begins with the designer sketching the layout to finalize the outlook of the website. The web designer is supposed to take care of the various pages, pictures or buttons that are supposed to be on the website. The basic appearance of the website or its skin is created using Photoshop. This layout is then made functional by the web developer who accomplishes the task using programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, etc.

The function of a website builder is to provide you with the layouts and the tools to make it functional. It is usually provided by the hosting service providers. You are provided with various preinstalled buttons and themes, and you can design your website accordingly. This eliminates the need for any manual coding, and therefore can even be used by people who do not know any coding.

For those of you interested in personal blogs, you can opt for a WHM cPanel hosting with a thorough web design or builder app. Keep in mind that the website builder provides you with limited customization options.

When it comes to building your website choosing from a limited assortment of available options is not very appealing. The Website builder is easy to use, but it will not give your website the uniqueness it needs to stand out.

Get yourself a good web host

Choosing a good web hosting service is important for your business. It begins with an assessment of your requirements and your expectations from your business and website. If shared hosting seems adequate when you are starting up, then go for it, however, opt for an upgradable server so that you can switch over to VPS when required.

If your business requires you to work with Microsoft related applications or MSSQL, then Windows hosting is a better option. So, take into consideration all the factors of your business before making a decision.

Windows VPS hosting service is always a safe bet to start with if you are confused. So, go for it. As long as the RAM his highly scalable, the plan will last you many years.

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