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A successful business requires high end interaction with clients and other businesses to form stronger B2B and B2C relationships. Though social media and digital marketing tools are thriving, email remains the best internet connective pathway for both businesses and clients.

Work smart

Managing, customizing, and securing these emails is the driving force of connectivity. But it is a lot of work if you’re doing it independently and businesses don’t have time to manage these emails. This is where unlimited email hosting services comes in. Most of the web hosting services do provide email hosting as well.

Are you looking for email hosting services for your blog or an e-commerce business?

If you’re just starting to grow your blog or a small business, you’ll prefer not to invest a great deal of money into email services. Then you should be looking for free email hosting services. Though there are free hosting services there’s a catch to it. Most of them are advertisement dependent, so you’ll be looking at a lot of advertisements. The customization options will be limited and the virus or spam protection won’t be insured like high end email hosting providers.

However, if you’re an e-commerce, e-wallet or an information oriented company you’ll be needing email hosting services that won’t make you sweat over managing your emails.

Though there are innumerable emails and web hosting services, you should keep an eye out on the services they are providing and if they are aligning with your requirements. Unlimited email hosting services should provide you with unlimited aliases, unlimited forwarders, protection from spam and viruses, auto-responders, should support large files and unlimited attachments, IMAP (internet message access protocol) or POP3 ( post office protocol), calendars, mailing lists, options for white lists and blacklists, online storage with backups, archiving and folder management.

Check for the accessibility of these email services. Are they accessible from a smart phone and from third party apps? These are the things you should keep in mind, don’t shy away from asking continuous questions to the service providers no matter how boring it seems. Clarify all your doubts. Ask questions until you’re sure because emailing is a prominent part of business.

It is always better to opt for email hosting services because they’re much safer. They come with a higher bandwidth transfer, lesser time consumption, faster reloads and better security than in-house email services.

Now, if you’re an e-commerce business you need many more services than just email and web hosting. That is when unlimited reseller hosting comes in the scene. E-commerce businesses require a lot more privacy and security. Most importantly, a secure and easy to use billing platform for your clients must be there. Reseller hosting allows you to create sub-packages within the allotted disk space and bandwidth of your main hosting package. To make an efficient billing platform one needs individual custom packages. WHM are provided by reseller services. WHMCS are carefully designed for billing purposes.

Usually a reseller service provider provides two separate control panels – WHM and cPanel. As WHM is oriented more towards administration and billing purposes, cPanel allows your customers to manage their individual hosting packages.

An unlimited reseller hosting service is a way better option than managing multiple shared hosting packages. In a reseller package you can manage all your clients and websites all at once.

Now that you understand a general insight in reseller hosting, there are things to focus on while choosing a perfectly compatible service provider.


Do not compromise on any of the following features:

  • Backup: Look for the backups essential when you’re dealing with information, especially when it is monetary and billing information. A single glitch in the data can cost you a fortune. So, look out for a service provider with unlimited round the clock backing services along with communication support.
  • Security: E-commerce websites requires 24/7 virus and spam protection, also white listing and blacklisting perks to choose the kind of customers you want to reach out to and the ones you don’t want reaching out from.
  • Speed: service providers with higher bandwidth and speed are usually best suited to provide the transactional needs. No client wants to wait for paying their money, according to a survey done by JP Morgan in 2014. Most of the customers change their minds from paying in the first 15 seconds of transactional loading, so to keep the profits coming you need great speed.
  • Accessibility and administration: Having control and accessibility to view and customize your operations keeps your businesses running. Look for services providing good customizable business tools.
  • Disk space: This is one of the most important features. Determine how much your business might require. If you have an e-commerce website selling socks it isn’t an issue but if you have an e-wallet business that means every transaction have to be recorded, you have higher need for data storage.

Additional offers

Look out for additional benefits like domain name feature, support, malware protection, ad-blocker, 24/7 technical support, and surveillance features.

It is better to take a trial version from your reseller host. Most of these ranged from a week to a month period. If there is no trial version, go for the ones that is giving money back guarantee.

You now know why unlimited email hosting is beneficial for you. So do not compromise on that. Find the convenient unlimited reseller hosting option for yourself and make maximum profits from your association with a good host.

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