Find Out How Unlimited Email Hosting Works For Your Business

Email Hosting Services

When you open your own website based business, it is important to have a domain name and an email hosting service along with it. Email is important because it is one of the best media for advertisement, CRM (customer relationship management), and general communication. If you have unlimited email hosting, you are at a greater advantage than the people who focus on social media and other contemporary platforms for advertising and marketing.

Why is email hosting important?

Contrary to the popular belief that social media brings more traffic to a website, it is actually the emails that bring the most inbound traffic to a website. Most of the plans offered by domain services come with unlimited email hosting. The “Unlimited” in email hosting refers to unlimited email accounts that can be created.

All your employees can have an email account associated with your website. For example, if your website name says, Blingo, and your name is Sarah, you can have your own email like You and your employees can have as many accounts as you need. This helps in sending multiple emails to different customers according to their requirements.

Unlimited email hosting helps companies to reach out to people who are already interested enough to subscribe to the website’s news channel or company notifications. Various web hosting services will offer you various email hosting options. But you need to make sure what they offer is genuine. This is how you do it.


A domain service should provide a trial period to their customers to try their product out. Look out for email and domain services providing a 7-days or 30-days trial period. In that way, you can use their services and see for yourself how efficient their product is.


Most of the unlimited email services provide unlimited storage to store emails. Always choose the domain services that provide unlimited email hosting. Be careful, there will be lucrative offers like 60GB space for emails. It may all sound very tempting and enough at that time, but eventually, when your company grows, 60GB is going to feel small. If you are looking at the long-term, unlimited email hosting and unlimited or unmetered bandwidth is the way to go.


Look at the security software integrations associated with your email service provider. Look at integrations like POP3 and IMAP secure email. Security is a big concern when it comes to advertising and customer relationship management.

Google Integration

Check if your hosting service is providing you with Google services package. Most of the domain services these days’ use Google services like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Gmail services. Services like Google Analytics and AdWords help you in search engine optimization and tracking the performance of your website. Some services also provide other integrated services like Bing and Yahoo. If you are to go into an unlimited reseller hosting plans, you need to know what you should be offered or what you should offer in case you are the reseller.


Check if you have a functioning cPanel, anti-spam tools, data backups, SSL security, WordPress installation solution and site builder. Also look out for some add-on services like email forwarding, auto-responders, CRM bots, webmail and auto-backup.


This is the most important factor when it comes to choosing your domain and email hosting service. Let’s be honest, making a business requires a lot of planning, a little curve ball in your budget can cause a ruckus. So, we have to choose our domain service very carefully. Set your budget and choose the service that is providing most of these perks at that range. You can always opt for a domain service with higher pricing later when your website grows.

Check for Authenticity

Look out for false advertisements. There are a lot of websites out there that will try to sell you domain names with poor services and tools. Research by yourself a bit, ask the people in your line of work about what kind of domain and email services they are using and how it is beneficial to them. Research all the tools provided by a domain service. Also, check out which companies are using their services.

If you are the reseller, you need to provide some of these services yourself. You need to make sure customers find your services useful. Offering unlimited reseller hosting services are a good way to earn profits.

Unlimited email hosting is crucial for retargeting and impact marketing purposes. Make sure your website host offers this service.

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