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If you are thinking about launching a website to set up an online presence then you must be concerned about hosting. It can be a cheap VPS hosting you start with or some serious WordPress hosting companies, shared or dedicated. Of all the things which will be functional in launching your website nothing offers as many options as hosting.

Of course there will be a long list of things to consider before you can actually launch the website, but it all starts with what your goals are and what you seek to accomplish. Once that has been established all you need to do is some thorough research which will help you narrow down the list and find the things which fit the bill.

It all starts with hosting

Even if you have chosen a domain name or built your website you cannot go online without a hosting service provider. There are four types of hosting services that you will find at your disposal, cheapest shared, cheap VPS hosting, premium dedicated and managed WordPress hosting. They all differ from each other on the basis of performance, functionality, storage, speed, memory, and most importantly cost. Exclusive WordPress hosting companies aren’t the way to go because you might want to make a switch at any moment. Leave your options open.

Shared hosting as the name suggests involves sharing the services and resources of the server with numerous other websites. It is a low budget option which offers only limited resources and services. If you are starting out or if your website is a small one and requires limited resources then this is a great option considering it’s cheap price.

On the other extremity of the hosting spectrum lies the dedicated hosting. If shared hosting is all about sharing then dedicated hosting provides a whole server and its resources at your disposal. Which means everything can be tailored according to your requirements. The problem with full autonomy is that everything down to the smallest details have to be taken care by you. While the price may not be the point going for it the fact that you have a whole server at your disposal with high level of customizability and the highest bandwidth available is quite promising.

VPS hosting: The good and the bad

If you are looking for something in between the two extremities then VPS hosting or cloud hosting is a great option. As opposed to the swarming websites in shared hosting what VPS offers is a limited and small number of neighbours which reduces the burden on the server as well as the bad neighbour effect.

Most importantly, the server is virtually separated into separate units and each virtual unit used by a single website. This not only puts a restriction on the amount of resources one website can use it also protects your website from the issues of its neighbours. The virtual separation secures your website against malwares which have infected your neighbours. It also, protects your website from crashing or from suffering due to another website hogging on your resources. Everything is limited and allocated.

Cheap VPS hosting is highly flexible and customisable. In fact, it is almost similar to dedicated hosting barring a few differences. The price is nothing as exorbitant as the dedicated hosts. However, with its scalability and security the resources it offers can go a long way. As long as your project is not too small or does not require exceptionally fine-tuned environment VPS is the way to go. In case you have a WordPress website then VPS may not be for you. While managed WordPress hosting companies cannot beat VPS when it comes to flexibility, it is highly tuned which makes WordPress hosting more preferable if you have a WordPress website.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

What WordPress hosting companies provides are tailor made resources but with specific limitations and restrictions. However, the resources are useful and available only for WordPress users. Managed WordPress hosting can be either shared or VPS, but it only needs to focus on only one application and that is WordPress. This makes everything streamlined and comparatively easier to handle especially regarding speed or bandwidth; everything can be tweaked to provide you with the maximum benefit of the resources which are being offered with very little effort.

The fact they are managed means a huge burden is lifted from your head regarding the management and the maintenance. They will keep you updated and upgraded all the time, and steer you clear of plugins which might cause security or other related issues which might cause you trouble.

Since the WordPress hosting exclusively supports WordPress websites a lot of flexibility is lost, and all the restrictions which ensure your site’s speed and security become quite restrictive and limiting. At the same time the pricing is also higher. WordPress hosting is perfect when your site is extremely important or requires a large space along with higher level of security and reliability. As long as money is not an issue and you only have one site to take care of WordPress hosting will work well.

Cheap VPS hosting need not mean the service you are getting isn’t premium. Find the time when the offers are good, promotional offers maybe. Strike when the time is right and you will get at least a year of cheap but quality hosting.

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