Exploring the application of the three modes of Website Hosting


Before you opt for a dedicated server, make sure you’re running a business that is expected to bring high traffic influx. Dedicated servers are made of a physical server that is dedicated to one owner. Dedicated servers are personalized, customized and accessed smoothly. High customizable options are what makes dedicated servers so efficient and easy to use. Apart from that, a dedicated server has unlimited storage options. If you are looking for a cheap dedicated server in India, you will have to go for Linux, which is recommended for more than just the budget reasons. But dedicated server might still remain pretty costly.

When you’re running a big business, you can expect a lot of customers buying a number of products and services from your website. You need to keep track of all these requests. A high storage comes handy when you need to store all that user information in one place.

Dedicated services

The user information is also protected by auto backup options provided by most dedicated server providers. Dedicated servers also provide high bandwidth data, which means faster page load time and speed. A faster page load time is very important when it comes to customer interaction. Research has shown that most of the customer has left a transaction incomplete due to slow page load times. A high bounce rate is worse than low traffic.

Server security

Dedicated servers are very useful when it comes to security. SSL secure certificates and DDoS security during transactions are some of the lucrative feature one can expect from a dedicated server. So, yes. The dedicated server is definitely an ideal choice for a business. You can get a cheap domain registration done as long as the security is not compromised with.

What if I am just a blogger?

Blogging is common. Every entrepreneur needs to build a brand image with blogging and vlogging. Thousands of people just want to blog. In this case, you can go for shared services if your business is just starting and you don’t expect much traffic initially, or ever because you do not intend to go the e-commerce route. Shared services are parts of a physical server that is used by many users with individual accessibility.

A shared hosting service will provide you a domain name, an email hosting service, minimum storage, basic speed, and only basic tools to build your website up.

However, if you’re already a well-known brand and expecting a high amount of traffic, you should go for virtual private servers. Virtual private servers are a hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting. Virtual private servers are part of dedicated hosting that belongs to certain users. Go for a cheap domain registration if you are only starting, eventually move on to impressive domains and run a VPS or dedicated server.

The middle ground

If you are just starting your business and don’t want to spend too much money on hosting services, you might go with shared hosting. But the money you save with shared hosting soon starts seeming like a waste of time because shared hosting has its limits. If you are determined to make your website successful, you will outdo the capabilities of a shared host. So, instead of looking unprofessional and switching domains or web hosts frequently, think about something that will last.

Actually, we already have the solution. It is VPS. A part of the dedicated server is rented out to third parties at a fraction of the price. So, you get all the benefits of a dedicated server, but not all of it quantitatively. You get to choose various plans depending on your requirements. You get to choose how much bandwidth, storage, and RAM you want. You also get to configure some parts of the system that you hired. The security will be taken care of by the direct owners of the dedicated server.

Virtual private servers are good for businesses just starting out as well. With better, speed, accessibility, cPanel, high bandwidth, and high storage a virtual private server is good enough to host a successful business. Virtual servers aren’t as expensive as dedicated servers, which makes them a good option to host new businesses. It is almost like a cheap dedicated server in India that business can easily afford.

Checking server quality

If your business is an e-commerce business, then you should put security at the top of the priority list. Nothing is stronger than a dedicated server’s security. So it’s better if you opt for a dedicated server as you’ll be the sole owner and the administrator of that server.

If you want your business to be cost-effective and do almost all the necessary work, then you should go for virtual private servers.

Virtual private servers provide a high speed and a large storage that will be sufficient for your business to grow and store user information. Virtual private servers are also very easy to personalize. The administration is also pretty flexible in virtual private servers with the cPanel integrated into it.

If you’re a small business, just looking to make a social media presence, then go for shared servers. It will help you understand how domain services work. It has basic tools like Google Analytics and AdWord that will help you optimize search engines and track your website performance.


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