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Cloud Hosting

When you are no more a beginner, when you know all about web hosting because you have been through shared hosting, VPS, and are now about to step into dedicated hosting. You might consider cloud hosting services for better handling and storage. Are you confused already? Do not worry. Here are some FAQs from various entrepreneurs and website owners that will give you all the answers and will also let you know you aren’t asking these questions alone.

What kind of hosting service is best for my business?

It all depends on the kind of business that is being hosted. If you’re a small business starting off to share some blogs and carry on active social media campaigns, shared servers are best.

If you’re an online business that is recently facing high influx of data and traffic, it is time to upgrade to a virtual private server if you’re not already on it.

What are the advantages of VPS over shared hosting?

Virtual Private Servers provides you with high storage, better bandwidth speed and customization options than shared servers. It also provides better security and malware protection than that on a shared server.

VPS is even better when it comes to security than a shared server. Anti-malware software and DDoS security systems helps Virtual Private Servers to thrive in the market.

What is better than VPS?

The level after VPS is dedicated hosting. VPS uses a part of a dedicated server. When your business outgrows this stage, you need an entire service to yourself. Dedicated servers are the high end services when it comes to hosting a big business with a consistent incoming traffic influx.

Dedicated servers provide you with a wide range of personalization options, customization in cPanel, analytical tools, security, unlimited storage and social media plug-ins. The features are the same as in VPS but the range is wider. Dedicated servers are better than virtual private servers as it is dedicated to one single business.


What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting services are at large in the market for IT orientated businesses as it requires to store huge amount of data, complex trade, and software tools.

Cloud services depends on the infrastructure and the requirement of the business, the charges are also dependent on the infrastructure of the business rather than monthly/yearly basis.

Users have better customization options when it comes to adjusting and personalizing computing resources like RAM, storage, and bandwidth accordingly.

Cloud services have amazing flexibility, the ability to change according to the business model is really impressive. Hourly billing model when it comes to cloud services are really great options for big businesses.

Data in cloud servers are easily backed as it isn’t dependent on hardware. Cloud servers uses virtual servers that provides ultimate flexibility, solid security, and less time gap.
Cloud servers are better in storage as it isn’t dependent entirely on hardware drivers.

What is the function of a colocation service?

When it comes to big IT firms handling humongous data and consultancy for different companies, it requires varied numbers of features and services. Sometimes cloud computing and dedicated servers don’t cut it. That’s where colocation services come in.

Colocation services are a bit different from the in-house servers in offices and private data centres. Companies can co-locate their equipment by renting a space in colocation centres. Colocation servers already have all the servers and renting spaces where one business can host themselves.

Colocation service rents out spaces in data centres in which the clients can set up their equipment. Colocation centres also provide power support via power backup, high bandwidth, IP addresses, and cooling systems.

Is the colocation way secure?

When it comes to security, colocation services thrive as it provides round the clock layered security and assistance. If there’s a natural disaster, colocation centres are safe when it comes to protecting your data.

Spaces in a colocation centres are usually rented in terms of racks and cabinets. The price varies according to the equipment that are being installed.

High security, indefinite personalization, anti-malware software, power and storage backups are some of the important things provided by colocation centres.

How to always stay prepared?

Be it cloud hosting services or dedicated hosting, you will get absolute security and will get updates about upgrading options. Make sure you stay updated with new information and keep your systems updated with all the essential upgrades. You cannot afford to let your website accumulate a huge bounce rate because the page loading is slow.

You will need a team of dedicated servers with a technical support team, and a developer to address every detected issue of malfunction. You need a server host that stays put by your side 24*7.

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