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Dedicated Server Hosting in India

Are you looking for a good hosting service provider? Do you think you could use some help? Let’s take a guess. You set out thinking it will be something like buying a domain and choosing a platform. But, it turned out to be much more complicated. When you ask for options, the standard reply is “Sir/Ma’am, please tell us your requirements”. And, you are not sure what your requirements are.

Clear the confusion

It is a clear rule, when you want something to suit you, you need to know what exactly you are looking for. So, when you go out hoping to interview some hosting service providers, you need to lead with a plan. You first need to interview yourself, your web development team, and your client base to figure out where you see your website/s in the future. If you want to take it a little at a time, think about at least five years from now. If you are thinking long term, think about ten years.

Avoid the rookie mistakes

First thing you need to gauge is how much traffic you expect in the near future, and how much more you are planning to get. Learn from the mistakes of others. In India there are hundreds of entrepreneurs trying and failing every month. We don’t hear their cries and their sighs. Their plans fail before many people even come to know about them. You don’t want to be one of them. So, you learn from their mistakes instead of waiting to repeat the mistakes yourself and learn the hard way.

The commonest mistake these young, or sometimes not so young, entrepreneurs make is not think about scalability. The website has to have scalability to survive. If you are trying to build the face of your business. You need people to find you useful. You need to build your website around a standard Service Oriented Architecture or SOA.

You need to take care of the partitioning. Even if you do not plan for anything that needs any more than the existing number of horizontal partitions in your plan, go for one that has some more. Adding nodes later on when the traffic increases or when you want to add more servers, is a bad idea. It ends in poor performance of each website, giving birth to high bounce rates, which is the beginning of the end for your website.

You need enough vertical scalability as well, for when things start looking up. You Also need to take care of redundancy. Everything important should have a backup. You don’t want to lose all your hard earned data over a sudden glitch. That is a very sad thing to happen to anybody. Vertical partitioning can still be taken care of later, even after setup. But the horizontal scaling must be completely taken care of during the initial architecture of the website.

Talking about bounce rates, you need to take care of the speed of every web page. You don’t want high page loading time. The average visitor waits just about a second for a page to load. The landing page must be optimized for best speed. Keep your caches, proxies, indexes, all updated. Take care of the load balancing. Invest in an expert web developer who will know how to go about every problem in any given situation.

Function of a good web host

A good web host will enable you and the web developer to avoid all these mentioned problems. It will help you build a scalable website or a website cluster on one or various servers. It will make sure that the speed and load time of every page is running fast and smooth. It will make sure all your sites are working up constantly, without any glitch, and without any security threats. It will take care of your data storage, traffic report storage, and everything that is important.

A good web host will enable seamless virtual migration from shared hosting to virtual private network, and finally to dedicated server hosting. You can also go for Cloud hosting if there is a lot of data you need to store. But dedicated hosting is the better option for the security of your websites and servers. However, that all comes later. What you need now is to stop whatever you are doing on your free sub domain and switch to VPS or at least shared hosting.

If you know you are going to grow, you can even start with VPS. But the price of VPS hosting is too high to bear when you are not already in business. So, start with a shared hosting service provider but make sure it is one that offers smooth transition into VPS when you need. Start learning more about VPS right from now so that you know when the time has come.

Be involved

Sometimes people just leave their websites to their web developers and the traffic monitoring tools. But your website needs direct involvement from you. Especially if it is one that gives you conversions, you need to be there to monitor the traffic trends first hand. You also need a security team if you are on a VPS server.

You can go for stacked bundles of security features but that will cost you more. Have a security handler and keep yourself updated too. Reputed hosting service providers will offer you security options when you ask. You can use those. You need to think about the security when you are getting the website designed. When you choose the web host, you need to make sure the package you are taking is the best suited one for your websites.


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