Clarify your web hosting ideas before making purchase

If you are on a lookout for website hosting servers, your business must be looking good. Let’s hope you are looking for a good web hosting server well in time. Have you been going free so far? Or have you been using shared web hosting? Either way, you need to learn everything about shared, VPS, and dedicated servers.

The hosting servers are exactly like school. You cannot skip a grade and start at dedicated server hosting. You need to learn and grow so that you can handle what you are signing up for. You need a good web host or else you will be in trouble.

Hazards of wrong web hosting

If you are going for free web hosting, or chose the wrong one even when you are paying for it, a lot of things could go wrong. Your search rankings could suffer. Your websites might get hacked. Your website ownership will be on the line if you do not get a secure web hosting facility. This is how so many entrepreneurs lose their start-ups even before take-off!

Don’t obsess over the big names

Whenever people don’t have a good idea about something, they tend to go for the brand that they see in most advertisements. Many people even think paying more money will guarantee good service. But those days are gone. You need to take a thorough look at the offers of each company. Do not go for the big names only. Check out everything you hear about. The big companies too, make false promises just as often as a new one would. So, the onus is on you, to get a good look at the claims and the actual performance.


A very good way to find out which servers are reliable, is to take actual reviews from people you know. Your rivals will not want to share their secrets with you. But the world of web hosting is vast. If you can network well enough, you will get the information you need, about every web hosting service you have heard of. Take the information from real people. Also, you should have some idea about their website requirements. With web hosting, everything is relative. It all depends on what kind of future you are looking at.

You need third party reviews about the uptime, speed, support, and security of each web hosting service. You cannot compromise on anything here. The existence of your website depends on the type of web hosting service you chose. Do not compromise. Do not go for anything less than 98 percent uptime even during heavy traffic. Check the other specifications according to your needs. Bandwidth and RAM are crucial enough.

Test it for yourself

Go for a testing session. See how things work out. Sign up only if you are satisfied with the specifics, and the very important, customer support. You will be able to gauge your website host’s dedication from the customer response. The promptness and patience they show will determine if you want to trust them. Do not go for anything less than 24*7 support.

Security factors

When you are running a full on business, you need to take responsibility for the details of your clients and visitors. You need to guarantee security. If your website is hacked, nobody will want to visit it even after it is restored. You need to make sure you have a team dedicated to security only.

Falling for the free trap

Don’t fall for free hosting service providers. There is no shortcut to success. You get it free for a reason. There will be no security guarantee, no added features and control panel options, nothing. You are on your own. It is better to pay a negligible amount every month and get good and reliable service in return.

With shared hosting, the costs are low for the servers too, because they get to distribute to various clients. With just a few bucks, you get value added services, backup options, E-Commerce tools, secure records, and so many other things you need for a website to run well.

Spend just the right amount

You pay for the resources you use. The prices shouldn’t be too high compared to the utility. You need to go for a website hosting service that will not let its prices fluctuate too much. You need to know every terms and clauses, especially around words like “free”, “discounted”, “unlimited” and the likes.


Sometimes testing is not enough, you need to run actual trials. If you are not too sure, create a mock up website that resembles the bulk of you original website, in terms of bandwidth requirement, traffic, security, and conversion rates. You can start with less important websites that aren’t a serious part of your business. Run the trials on the website that is less important and learn all the lessons you need to, before introducing the package to the actual website.

Various hosting service providers will offer you various spec combinations. You need to keep your head straight and try not to get confused. Carefully compare every point. Take your time to decide which web hosting server you want to go with.

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