A Complete Guide to choose dedicated server hosting for your business

Dedicated Server Hosting

Are you venturing out into the next level of your e-commerce business? Is your business growing out of itself?  Then this is the right time to switch to a dedicated server and find a new domain name if you want to make some changes in your website. This is the time you will have many questions like the following. We will address them all for you.

Why choose a dedicated server hosting in India?

If you’re a small venture, looking to thrive in the world of digital business, you’ll need a domain. A domain helps you to create a branding identity and also a web presence. Since, your business is dependent on the consumers through internet, you’ll need to build an interactive relationship with these potential consumers and handle exchanges on the web platform. Domain provides that platform where you can ignite you online business.

After choosing your domain host, the first thing you should check for is the desired domain name availability. Now, you’ll have to choose your server hosting provider. If you’re a small business and is just looking out to make an online presence, then you should prefer a shared hosting service.

Now, if you are a business that acquired a decent online presence and looking for regular transactions with better website customization, it is preferable to go for virtual private server (VPS). However, if you’re thriving in the E-commerce scene and need high end website customization, control, accessibility and security, you’ll need a dedicated server hosting.  Dedicated server hosting can handle bulk transactions and endless website customization without compromising security or issues with the bandwidth. Dedicated server justifies its name, as it is dedicated only to your business. You get superb cPanel features, digital marketing tools like web-analytics, and DDoS security to protect the transactions. One should choose dedicated server when quality, customization, security and productivity are the priority.

How to choose the perfect hosting service?

Before looking for the right hosting server we should know the type of business we want to start. Starting a blog to sell handmade artefacts is way different than starting an e-commerce website selling mobile phones. E-commerce business means more requirements for storage, security, customization, analytical tools, and advertisements. This requires one to opt for a dedicated server.

Once you have chalked down your requirements, it is time for you to look for features. Look out if the hosting provider is giving you with email marketing tools. Check out for features like Google Analytics and Google Adword. Other digital marketing tools like Buffer and Hootsuite are add-ons. Look for websites offering free trial periods, so you can try their features and have a better insight. Make sure your host provides you with round the clock assistance.

How much should I invest in a dedicated server hosting?

It all comes down to two things, the traffic and the target audience. If you’re expecting a considerable influx of audience on your digital business platform, you’ll need a service that can maintain your operations without interrupting the bandwidth and speed. With high traffic comes high data. When there are more customers visiting your website, you’ll need to collect their details so that you can carry out email marketing.  Storage is necessary to collect those details and carry out good inbound marketing strategy. If you’re a website selling art and music, you need interactive designs and personalization. That will require you to choose a service that provides you with accessibilities that allows you to customize your website. So, if you have a huge incoming traffic, invest in storage and constant bandwidth options. If you’re into creative business, invest in customization options and tools.

Will a free domain service work for me?

It is relative. If you’re a small blog promoting awareness or casually writing on lifestyle, it will suffice. But as soon as you upgrade to selling products or advertisements, you’ll need to store more data and carry out transactions. Eventually, you’ll notice the lack of tools, low speed and storage. You will be making a lot of your customers vulnerable to hacks. If you are a blogger with a lot of content, your free domain will start acting up and getting slow. People will stop reading because the page doesn’t even load. So you will need to switch to shared domains. If you are trying to do business online, you will need to keep the transaction information of your customers safe so you will need to go for a VPN if not a dedicated network.

How to cut costs on dedicated server?

A dedicated server hosting in India or anywhere in the world is expensive. But you won’t find it too difficult to afford it because you won’t need dedicated hosting unless you are already running a successful business. Make sure your website has scalability and there will be no looking back. But you can always cut costs with some smart moves. If you go for a Linux platform you will be spending way less money than you would on a Windows platform. Linux is an open source platform so it comes with its own security features and upgrades at a cheaper price than Windows.

Do not rush in the search for domain name availability. Go for one that really suits the business and is relevant to your brand image as well. In online business, advertising and branding tops the product or service.


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