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domain at 99

Starting your own business comes with more hazards than you expect. But if you give yourself the time to go through every process carefully, you will not make any of those mistakes most entrepreneurs make. Whether you want cheap plans like a .com domain at 99 or top-notch security features, you will need to know what is best for you.

Know it all

The first step to any big goal is knowledge. Of course, intent, passion, dream and everything is there. But when it comes to execution of a plan, you need resources. Knowledge is the most valuable resource. With the right knowledge, you can save yourself a lot of money and get the best possible service.

So, we begin with the basics of web hosting. If you want to go for a dedicated server India because that is what your friend is using, your financial situation might not end up well. You need to understand the requirements of your website at various stages of development. You need to know how much you can spend and how long you need to wait before your website starts generating ample revenues.

Keep your revenues aside

The very point of having a capital is to make sure you are not depleting your revenues. Start a business only when you have enough capital to afford the marketing, core business, and hosting for at least a year.

Whatever revenue you generate within this time span is likely to come from small projects. You keep it aside to add to the capital when your business grows. The beginning is not the time to capitalize on your revenues.

Generate traffic for your website

Whether you are using a VPS or dedicated server India, you need to make sure your website is not just visible but viewed. Putting your website out there is not enough. It needs to generate traffic. You have already invested in a web hosting plan that is ready to channelize a large amount of traffic. It is time to make use of it. Let’s check out a few ways how.

Social media

Social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram keep updating their algorithms to suit the purpose of marketing and lead generation. Put up a paid ad and manually select the target demographic. It will reach a lot of people. If your investment works well, your website is ready for any amount of traffic, thanks to a good server.

Handling sudden inbound traffic

You can opt for cloud hosting if you want to make sure that the sudden inbound traffic does not slow your website down. This is a common mistake entrepreneur still make, in spite of having a web designer exclusively for a website.

The problem is with wrong investment on the web hosting plan. You can have a .com domain at 99 from reputed hosting companies as well. But you need to understand the scope of your website.

Predict the traffic in the coming months. Account for the best case scenario before you choose a hosting plan. Sooner or later your website will reach a very high traffic. You need to be prepared.

The right time for dedicated servers

If you are still using VPS server when your competitors have moved to the dedicated server, do not panic right away. This does not automatically mean that they are ahead of you. Yes, big companies need dedicated servers to take full control of the security factors and for larger disc space and bandwidth. But sometimes people bite off more than they can chew and move on to dedicated server India before they are financially ready.

Take your time. VPS server goes a long way if you have taken care of the horizontal scalability. If you were smart while getting your website designed, you might be able to run your website on 10 times cheaper VPS server and generate a higher revenue compared to some rival trying to look successful by upgrading to a dedicated server.

What about cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is also a very good option because it keeps your data fully secured as everything is stored on a virtual platform that only you have access to. Added to that is the benefit of never needing to invest in a personal technical support team because the group of virtual servers you are using is flexible enough to counter small issues like traffic load and server lag.

You might not get a .com domain at 99 with cloud servers or dedicated servers but who needs such cheap deals when your business is already big enough to need dedicated hosting or cloud hosting? Yet, if you want the best deal possible, go for cloud hosting because you might not get a very cheap plan but you will save a lot since you won’t have to worry about a technical support team, hardware maintenance costs, and device errors.

Choose a good web hosting company

Some common mistakes entrepreneurs make is to blindly go for a recommendation sent in by a friend or a web designer. It is understandable that you would feel a little clueless when you are starting out.

Maybe you are even worried about offending valuable contacts by not following their lead. But web hosting is a crucial decision and you need to base it only on statistics and logic. Do not decline any recommendation. Always be diplomatic and check out the recommendation. But at the end of the day, you must compare every plan of every reputed web hosting company. Compare all of them and go for the best one.

Check out every company you are recommended, and check out some more popular or even lesser popular ones. Do not go by the words of anybody who would have a personal interest in their recommendations. Check out the previous client’s list and contact them for reviews to find out about the actual performance of the packages.

A good dedicated server India must have collaborated with some well-known businesses. Follow the websites of major websites and check which web hosting company they are associated with.

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