Choose Virtual Private Server Hosting and Avoid Common Mistakes of a New Entrepreneur


We all know the basics about the web hosting, website designing, shared hosting, dedicated hosting and a virtual private server hosting.

Even if some of us don’t understand these terminologies but still want to start with an e-commerce website then it’s okay. Because all we need to understand is to how to design the responsive website that’s looks professional and is optimized according to the search engines visibility and ranking.

If all these hosting terms are too complicated for you, then don’t worry, you can make it simple by finding the right people to work for you. Network well and get yourself a good website designer. If it’s not an e-commerce website, you can use simplistic website builder platforms and do it yourself.

Plan it Out Well

Your first job is to find a suitable website hosting plan, It doesn’t have to be the cheapest or the one with the highest CPU, RAM, or storage configuration. Then how you will figure out which one will be best for your website?

If we know clearly where we want to see your website in the next three or five years then it will solve our problem to some extent.

So, the first step is to clear your vision, convey your goals to your team.

Before purchasing a domain and the website hosting services, set-up a meeting with your business partner, take suggestions from your website designer and speak with the potential web hosting advisors.

Your website designer might suggest you to make room for multiple subdomains and also leave ample room for horizontal and vertical scaling. This is good if you want to branch out into different fields of e-commerce or link building in the future. It is good to leave room for higher possibilities.

Your website hosting advisor might suggest starting with the virtual private server hosting instead of starting with a shared hosting. They will know if you need a more private segment of a server, with higher bandwidth, storage, and memory.

When everyone understands the requirement, then it becomes easy to work as a team and achieve the common goal. Being the owner of the website, ultimately it’s your decision, but don’t forget to consider your team’s suggestions, as they understand the hosting requirements well.

Failure isn’t Always a Step Towards Success

While looking for hosting services look into everything, the add-on features, the hidden terms. You need to see more than the hosting company is willing to show you. For this again, take your hosting advisor along. The advisor has to be a reliable person with the experience in the hosting services.

Even if you make a mistake, don’t get demotivated. Although it will cost you both time and money, it will be a learning for you. It is always best to learn from your own mistakes than of others.

Some Common Mistakes of People Include:

  1. Staying on shared hosting for too long and ending up exposing your website to security threats and lagging issues.
  2. Asking for a cheap email hosting features and ending up looking unprofessional to clients and collaborators.
  3. A very common mistake people do is, not making their website scalable. With a limited website, your initial success is your final success because the system cannot handle further growth.

You should avoid making such mistakes. To find more such oversight which has affected the website services poorly you can read the case studies of the acquaintances whose ventures have failed.

Time to Switch

A common question entrepreneurs ask is, “how to know when is the right time to switch from shared hosting to virtual private server hosting (VPS) or from a VPS to dedicated hosting.” The answer is “It depends on the traffic inflow and the overall activity on your website.”

Are you beginning to record many conversions or subscriptions on your website? if yes! then you need something more professional than a shared hosting.

Security of the shared information of your visitors and customers is more important than anything else. Switch to VPS for increased control to secure your website. Go for a Linux powered system for more security and at a lower price than Windows.

Skip Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the primary form of web hosting, apart from the free hosting, of course. For a personal blog you can stay on shared hosting but, if you are going for an e-commerce website you can start with the virtual private server hosting (VPS) from the very beginning. It is okay to spend little extra money to provide professional services and win the heart of the users.  Also, the data on your system remains secure and entirely in your control.

VPS has proved to work well for a longer time. And, if the horizontal and the vertical scaling are done right no matter how successful your website gets, VPS will still do a good job. If you are ambitious, it is recommended to start with VPS instead of shared hosting. Every penny spent will be worth it.

Get yourself some cheap email hosting features, 24*7 technical support, and other such add-ons to make your website fully functional. And, in case you are well equipped, you won’t have to switch to dedicated hosting any time soon. VPS will be there for the significant part of your website in the developmental stage.

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