Cheap VPS hosting Linux or cheap Dedicated Server India what to go for?

Web Hosting

If your business is new and you are willing to establish your presence online you might need some help. You need a good hosting package from a reliable hosting provider. You could go for anything, a cheap VPS hosting Linux or a cheap dedicated server India. But make the right choice.

Posting a website for your business is both a cost and labour intensive endeavour, where mistakes might lead you to incur financial damages. In case you want to avoid making mistakes, the best thing would be to research really well so that you can foresee all the problems and potholes, learn from others’ mistakes, and avoid them accordingly.

It all begins with web hosting

Posting a website or a web page begins with a web host which will store all your website related data and information in a server, and make it accessible to the viewers. Apart from the server, the web host also has all the tools, technologies and equipment which are essential for the initial creation of your website and eventual posting of it.

However, the steps between choosing a domain name and signing up with a good and reliable web host to actually getting your website up and running may not be as easy; considering the wide variety of web hosting services available. You can find a cheap VPS hosting Linux or a cheap dedicated server India depending on your website needs.

Types of web hosting

Before you read about the different types of web hosting and decide which service you might prefer, you must be sure about the goals of your business. Choosing the best web hosting service is reliant on the goals of your business and your aspirations regarding it. The web hosting services are usually classified on the basis of price, customisability, and performance.

Shared hosting

If your business is just starting up, or if you want a personal blog where the incoming traffic is limited and the speed and storage space required by the website of your business is also limited, then shared hosting is perfect for you.

Shared hosting implies that the hosting services of the server will be shared by more than one website; as a result, the costs would be divided amongst the websites sharing the server as well. For ecommerce sites, a cheap VPS hosting Linux or a cheap dedicated server India is always a better option than shared hosting. But shared hosting is perfect for stand-alone blogs or websites that don’t require scalability options.

The shared hosting is cheap and affordable, and hence perfect for start-ups. However, resources such as the bandwidth, the RAM, the storage, the CPU will also be shared which might lead to glitches if your business gets a boost and requires the website to be faster and better. If and when your business demands faster speed, more storage, and better performance feel free to upgrade.

Virtual Private Server

For moderately successful business with increasing incoming traffic, and increasing clients and customers VPS is a good option. While VPS also involves sharing, the server is virtually separated into numerous virtual servers which can be privately used by a website.

This hosting service is organised and divides the resources between the websites evenly, thereby eliminating “bad neighbour effect.” One of the perks of VPS is the flexibility and higher customisation options. Also, the number of websites which share the resources are considerably lesser in number. While it may be a bit more expensive than shared hosting; if you research well and compare the prices with the perks you might end up with a pretty sweet deal.

Linux VPS is cheaper, Linux being an open-sourced software. VPS servers too need to operate on an OS, and running on open-sourced software such as Linux has its perks. Linux is more flexible which means installing the necessary software and plug-ins will be easier, and more customisable. Linux OS is much more secure than the regular Windows one. You can still choose between a cheap VPS hosting Linux or a cheap dedicated server India depending on your budget but dedicated server is usually for the authority websites and popular ecommerce sites. VPS can take you a long way.

Linux VPS provides multi-tenancy which means you get to provide your customers with different resources such as storage space, email, etc. Also, you can run a software once and allocate it to different customers without much hassle. Also, what makes Linux more preferable than even dedicated hosting is its scalability.

If you are expecting to see an increase in clientele always keep an eye on domain transfer policies. The really great thing about VPS is that is cheaper than dedicated hosting but when the higher-end VPS is used intelligently it will offer almost similar perks if not better.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting implies that the whole server will be allocated to you. Since there is no sharing involved virtual or otherwise, all the resources will be exclusively yours and there is almost no security risk involved. In case your business gets a huge boost and pushes you into the big leagues you will require dedicated hosting services.

With a huge bandwidth and storage coupled with extensive flexibility and customisability dedicated hosting is what you need when your business reaches the peak of success. Switch only after accessing your requirements and ability. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it will be better or advanced. Look for the resources which are being offered and compare them with what you already have.

Whatever you choose, a cheap VPS hosting Linux or a cheap dedicated server India, remember, you need to give yourself the time to compare different packages and different web hosting companies. Do not dive head front into anything. Look at the real reviews and recommendations. Go for a company that offers flexible scalability and upgrading or downgrading options so that you have your options open.

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