Here’s exactly what you should be asking about dedicated server hosting

Dedicated hosting plans offer a single dedicated server in its entirety. There is nobody to share your server with and no part of the server that you are limited to. You get to customize the interface and the security features the way you want. When your business is about to reach the sky of its scalability, it is time to switch to a dedicated server. Also, if your domains involve very sensitive private data, you need dedicated server hosting. Out of all the server formats, dedicated server hosting is the most secure.


When you are getting millions of traffic inflow in a short span of time, you need to start looking for a reputed dedicated hosting. You cannot be a miser now. Your days of shared hosting are gone. VPS can work for a long time but when you have become one of the biggest names on the internet, you need to dish out some money. You will never regret investing on dedicated hosting. In fact, a common reason why many businesses drown under their own success, is the absence of timely investment in dedicated hosting.

Types of dedicated servers

A dedicated server can be compared to a personal computer, with all its components, only on a humongous scale. This huge server or computer is working exclusively for you. Now, the question arises, who manages this huge server? There are basically two options.

Managed servers: The data you send will be processed and managed by a third party. You don’t have to worry about running the server. You get to use it anyway, it is still all yours. The third party will offer services like round the clock monitoring and threat detection, Os and kernel updates, spam filtering etc.

Unmanaged servers: If you have your own team to run the server, and you don’t want third party involvement, you go for unmanaged servers and manage it yourself.

Windows or Linux

There are basically two operating systems for a dedicated hosting service. Windows, or Linux. People go for Linux when they want integrated security processes at a cheaper price. Linux is an open source platform so it is cheaper but responsible enough to offer comprehensive security packages. Some versions of Linux are expensive though, if you want the security bundles. Windows on the other hand has a more familiar interface and every Microsoft based program is supported by Windows.

There is no definite answer to which is better. Dedicated Windows hosting is good for those who have a lot of traffic inflow and who can take care of some of the security features manually. Linux is for those who are looking for a slightly cheaper option.

Advantages of dedicated server hosting

We have already been briefed about the reasons to go for dedicated hosting. You need a fully functional comprehensive server to run all your websites. Let us find out what exactly ‘comprehensive’ means.


The most important feature of dedicated Linux or dedicated Windows hosting is the security it offers you. VPS or virtual private server has most of the advantages of dedicated servers. But even though it uses a part of a dedicated server, totally independently, other websites are sharing other sectors of the dedicated server. The data is more difficult to protect, than protecting data on your own physical server base.

With a dedicated server, you get to update the programs, track every file, and keep the latest antivirus systems active. You get to put up a firewall whenever you want. You choose what you update and which software you use. Even if you went for a managed or semi managed dedicated hosting, you get to take these major decisions as long as you keep yourself well informed and updated.


The inbound traffic needs to keep coming smoothly. You don’t want the success of your website to be the downfall of your business. Imagine a restaurant doing so well that it gets a huge number of customers and now it is understaffed and messing everything up. You don’t want to be associated with a business that doesn’t have faith in its own future. Start with a VPS if you are not financially ready for a dedicated server. But do make the transition happen before the traffic starts breaking through the roof.

With a high bandwidth and storage, your website will always load fast. Quick page loading is crucial to lower bounce rate. With shared hosting, this is out of question. With VPS, it is only a matter of time. Dedicated hosting ensures you never have to look back at your struggling days.

Custom programming

With dedicated hosting, you get a lot of freedom. You don’t only get virtually unlimited storage and ample bandwidth. You get to choose the software set, the hardware features and specifications, the OS, the interface, the shell scripts of everything. When you get a dedicated server, you will understand what owning a server means. Once you have tasted this kind of freedom and control, you can never go back to VPS.

With dedicated server hosting, you get a lot of freedom, a lot of opportunities, and a lot to get done. You need to keep the security systems up and running. You need to make sure no software is outdated. You need a team to constantly monitor the traffic specifications. The bounce rate, behaviour of target groups, conversion rates, everything need to be studied closely and constantly. Even if you have a managed hosting system, you need to constantly study these readings and actively formulate new strategies to counter problems like high bounce rate or bad page loading time.

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